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March 17-19: Edgewater Routes

March 20-23 Titusville Routes

Our 2018 Spring Tour is going to have two locations.  Our first base camp is Edgewater, FL, and March 17-19 we will be riding routes to and from that site.  The morning of March 20 everyone will move themselves (by vehicle) to our second base camp in Titusville.  From March 20 to 23 there will be routes to and from our campsite at Sandpoint Park.

Why this format?

  • Only one move day.
  • 2 sites allow for more variety than just one.
  • Have your personal vehicle nearby–come and go as you please.
  • Coming from out of town?  Don’t have your own vehicle?  Check out shuttle options here. (need to insert hyperlink)  

All routes include:

  • Rest Stops Every 15 Miles (when possible)
  • Clear Signage
  • SAG Support
  • Law Enforcement Support

Note: the routes may be tweaked before March. 

Sand and Stars Tour - March 17-23, 2017