August 24, 2020 – What’s even better than a rocket launch on the Space Coast? Three of them scheduled in the SAME WEEK. With three launches on the manifest for this week it’s a great time to be here.

Delta IV

Edited NASA image of the Parker Solar Probe atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket, similar to the rocket scheduled to launch this week. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Here’s the schedule:
August 26th – 2:16 AM – Delta 4 Heavy NROL-44 – SLC 37B Cape Canaveral
August 27th – 7:10 PM – Falcon 9 SAOCOM 1B – SLC-40 Cape Canaveral
August 29th – TBD – Falcon 9 Starlink 11 – LC-39A Kennedy Space Center

Feel free to share our EPIC Launch Viewing Maps to help people find the best place to watch the launch, and which direction to look for each launch!

Three launches in one week is unprecedented.

“When you know the level of effort and take the range, and turn it from one rocket to another in three days, it speaks to the capability of this team,” said Mark Bontrager, the Spaceport Operations vice president for Space Florida.

Source: Spectrum 13 News

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