Hurricane Hanna Damage Claim Lawyer

Hurricane Hanna has left many homes, condos, businesses, apartments, and other entities in Texas damaged and their owners left to pick up the pieces. If your house, business, or other property was harmed as a result of hurricane Hanna, it’s important to know your options when it comes to hurricane insurance claims. Here we explore the type of damage covered by insurance policies and what you should do if your home or property suffered damage as a result of this most recent Texas hurricane.

Hurricane and flood damage claims from hurricane Hanna in Texas

Hurricane damage is big business, and unfortunately, your insurance company isn’t always on your side when it comes to getting your property repaired and your life back to normal in the wake of a hurricane. If your home or other property has suffered damage directly related to hurricane Hanna, you may want to consider hiring a hurricane damage attorney to ensure you get the compensation you need and deserve to reclaim your life after this natural disaster.

Property damage frequently caused by windstorms and hurricanes

Hurricanes themselves are destructive, but they can also cause a host of other natural disasters that can amplify the damage left in a hurricane’s wake. Wind damage is a common type of destruction property owners see in the midst of a hurricane. Property damage that may result from very strong winds include:

  • Roof lifting: Roof lifting is just as it sounds – your roof lifts off of your home or other property and either comes completely off or leaves behind serious damage.
  • Roof damage: In addition to roof lifting, other damage can happen to your roof during a hurricane. This can ultimately result in the need for a full roof replacement.
  • Structural damage: Strong winds can blow down trees and power lines. These have the potential to fall on your home bringing down sections of your homes walls, roof, or other structures like a shed.
  • Garage door damage: Garage doors are often very susceptible to damage caused by high winds and can blow in, blow down, or become damaged in another way. Your cars can suffer damage from this and potentially cause your cars to be totaled.
  • Broken windows: Broken windows are very common in high winds and can leave the rest of your residence or property susceptible to damage.
  • Moisture damage: High winds can blow in water and leave your home exposed, making the growth of mold and mildew highly likely. When a window seal is broken from hurricane gust winds, water damage is likely to occur.
  • Damaged siding: Debris that is blown around due to high winds can cause damage to your property’s siding.
  • Door loss: High winds can cause doors to blow in or even to come off of their hinges completely, requiring door replacement once the hurricane has passed.
  • Sliding glass doors: Strong winds can break the seal around the sliding glass doors causing serious water intrusion. This can lead to mold and other moisture problems.

Other common damages seen as a direct result of windstorms include pool damage, carport and porch damage, automobile damage or loss, projectile damage, destruction or loss of personal property, and damage to septic tanks. Luckily, if you have homeowner’s insurance, all interior damage should be able to be fully paid for due to wind or water damage as a result of a hurricane. However, filing an insurance claim and receiving compensation isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Filing an insurance claim in Texas for Hurricane Hanna damage

If you’ve experienced property damage as a result of hurricane Hanna, you’re probably going to file a claim with your insurance company if you haven’t done so already. Unfortunately, insurance claims can be a serious issue for those in the Texas gulf coast, and insurance carriers may delay, deny, or reduce rightful insurance claim payments. That’s because these insurance companies aren’t always on your side – in fact, they are usually only on your side when they are the ones collecting the money. When it comes to making payments for claims, your insurance company will do just about anything to reduce your claim or even prevent you from being fully covered by insurance for hurricane-related damages.

One of the primary reasons why filing an insurance claim following a hurricane like Hanna is so tricky is because there are several stipulations and loopholes in the insurance companies’ hurricane policies. For example, some insurance carriers may inform you that your insurance claim for hurricane damage to your property is not valid without proving it, requiring you to provide extensive documentation of the damage before you ever receive a penny.

And, insurance claim adjusters are not afraid to take advantage of the more inexperienced policyholder (you). Many insurance adjusters will do whatever they can to reduce or exclude your property damage claim. That’s why if you’ve experienced property damage caused by hurricane Hanna, it’s important to seek professional help from a dedicated and experienced insurance claim attorney like Florin|Roebig.

What to do if your property has been damaged by Hurricane Hanna

If your property has suffered damage caused by hurricane Hanna and you don’t feel your insurance company is doing its job in compensating you, turn to the law firm of Florin|Roebig for a free case evaluation. We understand just how frustrating it can be to have your home or other property destroyed and have your insurance company do little to nothing about it, or if they do offer compensation, take weeks or even months to give it to you. Our firm can help you get temporary funds to start rebuilding your life while we work with your insurance company to ensure you get the compensation you need and deserve.

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