Bike Florida's mission is to help Florida communities improve their economic growth, bicycle infrastructure, and safety through bicycle tourism

When you're riding a bike, the whole experience is multi-sensory.  You can see the details of your surroundings, you can smell the air, you can hear the sounds of the local area, you can feel the texture of the road through the pedals.

Traveling is great!  Riding is great!

When visiting a new place for the first time, you may be nervous about riding alone without a guide.  That is one of the reasons guided and supported tours are such a fantastic way to explore new areas.

If you're interested in registering for one of our exclusive, small group, boutique supported tours, check them out here.  We'd love to show you a piece of Florida you've never seen.  From the perspective of a bike.

Our Staff

Joy Hancock

Joy Hancock is Bike Florida’s Executive Director.

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Dave Munday

Meet Dave Munday, our Tours Director.

Board of Directors

Colleen Nicoulin

Colleen Nicoulin is Bike Florida’s current President.

Roger Pierce

Roger is Bike Florida Board Treasurer.

Kendra newman

Kendra is a Board of Director Member at Large

Gary Kirkland

Gary Kirkland lives in Gainesville, FL where he’s a media specialist with LifeSouth Community Blood Centers.

Randy Wells

Randy Wells is Bike Florida Board Vice President

Leigh Matusick

Leigh Matusick, Board Member.

Bob Stevens

Bob Stevens is a Board of Directors Member at Large.

Leslie Shapiro

Leslie Shapiro is a Board of Directors Member at Large.

About Bike Florida

Nonprofit Bike Florida Inc. was formed in 1994, as a fundraising event and organization to help supplement the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program (FTBSEP). The main fund raiser is a week-long bicycle touring adventure for up to 1,000 cyclists, taking place in the spring. In 2008, Bike Florida began week-long luxury tours along the 260-mile St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop.

The spring tour is annual; the luxury tours typically take place during fall and winter. Although the spring tour varies its route from year to year, the luxury tours follow the River-to-Sea Loop, a virtually trademarked Bike Florida route. All routes link small towns with natural and historic landmarks along mostly scenic country roads. All tours are fully supported and coordinated with local law enforcement agencies; our SHARE THE ROAD signs are prevalent along the routes.

Today, Bike Florida supports the mission of the FTBSEP, which is housed at the University of Florida, by providing them with safety-educational materials and assisting them in promoting bicycle safety throughout Florida.


To promote safe and responsible bicycling through support of the Share the Road campaign, education, public awareness, and bicycle touring. As an organization, we are dedicated to making a positive economic impact in the regions and communities that support our tours and programs.




  • To inspire a state where bicycling is considered a mainstream form of transportation and recreation.
  • To be recognized as the premier bicycle touring organization in the state of Florida.
  • To develop national and international partners to increase bicycling and bicycle tourism in the state of Florida.
  • To increase bicycle ridership and encourage bicycle tourism in Florida.
  • To promote and increase bicycle safety education on all levels.
  • To promote all aspects of bicycling including transportation, recreation, and health benefits.
  • To foster an understanding that the funding received from the Share the Road campaign supports and promotes the responsible use of the roadways by pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.