In conjunction with the Gainesville Cycling Festival. Friday morning and afternoon programs. Saturday evening banquet with guest speak T.J. Justkiewicz, RAGBRAI Director … [Read More]

  • Fallen Cyclists Memorial Fund

    To honor the memory of cyclists whose sacrifice helped spur a Share The Road revolution in Florida. … [Read More]

    Fallen Cyclists Memorial Fund
  • Welcome to Bike Florida!

    This is a great time to be a cyclist in the Sunshine State!  Awareness of the benefits of cycling and the number of people using bikes is increasing yearly. For 20 years Bike Florida has been working … [Read More]

    Welcome to Bike Florida!
  • Share The Road Mini Grant Program

    Bike Florida’s and its sponsors are dedicated to funding a minimum of $10,000.00 in Mini Grants in 2013.   Grant money can be used to purchase equipment, provide instructor training, create safe … [Read More]

    Share The Road Mini Grant Program
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Tour Updates

Port Orange Dino

Another Roadside Attraction

Another Roadside Attraction Welcome to Florida, where quirk goes to live. On March 27th, our … [Read More...]

Riding The Daytona Speedway

Riding the Daytona Speedway     Go Fast, Turn Left! Not many cyclists get to ride on one … [Read More...]

Bike Florida News

Announcing Share The Road Celebration of Cycling 2014

How can we make Florida safer for cyclists and pedestrians? Is there an economic incentive for … [Read More...]

Coming Soon: Celebration of Cycling

You don't have to get off your bicycle and fry an egg on the asphalt to know that we are well and … [Read More...]